G-Energy Service Line W 5W-30 | 20 Liter

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G-Energy Service Line W 5W-30 – is a motor oil for modern engines. Formulated with synthetic components and a balanced additive package, this product ensures reliable engine operation and maximum protection in different driving conditions including the urban cycle (“Stop-Start”). It is designed for latest generation engines with exhaust gas after treatment system and turbocharger, supporting increased service drain intervals.

  • Recommended for cutting-edge petrol and diesel engines of passenger cars, light-duty trucks and off-road vehicles with or without modern emission control systems and featuring extended oil change intervals, in accordance with OEM recommendations
  • For FSI petrol engines and diesel engines with DPFs of the latest VW GROUP passenger cars, light trucks and off-road vehicles with Long Life service

  • Superior engine protection at extreme temperatures, both in cold engine start and in severe driving conditions at high speeds and high loads
  • Long-term and effective emission control system operation thanks to mid SAPS formulation
  • Excellent detergency and anti-wear properties increase engine life
  • Specially selected synthetic base components deliver low oil consumption
  • High thermal stability provides reliable engine operation during severe operation and maximum oil change intervals
  • High energy saving features reduce fuel consumption