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G-Profi GTS 5W-30

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G-Profi GTS 5W-30 - very high performance synthetic motor oil, designed for heavy-duty diesel engines. Formulated with high quality synthetic base stocks and effective additive package, it provides performance compliant with the requirements of most important equipment manufacturers and fuel economy properties. It delivers extended drain intervals and maximum engine wear protection.

Designed for EHPD (Extra High Performance Diesel) heavy-duty turbocharged engines with EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction), without DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) delivering extended drain interval. Recommended for engines of long-haul trucks, buses and heavy duty off-road equipment.

  • Excellent thermal stability: The use of synthetic base oils with high thermal stability and high performance additive package effectively prevents the formation of high-temperature deposits. This improves reliability and cleanliness of engine parts.
  • High Total Base Number: Provides a high neutralization capacity of acids resulting from combustion, even when high sulfur content fuel is used, preventing corrosion.
  • Extended service life: Belongs to the category of oils with Long Life service, which is confirmed by equipment manufacturers approvals such as from MB, MAN, etc. for long drain intervals.
  • High Fuel Economy and detergent-dispersant properties: The advanced carefully selected formula delivers exceptional performance in terms of savings in fuel consumption and engine cleanliness.
  • Protection against wear: Provides long-term protection against bore polishing and wear. Reduces maintenance costs, increasing vehicle overhaul mileage.