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G-Box GL-4 75W-90 | 20 Liter

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Intended for use in manual transmission components of cars and trucks. Provides high performance in a wide range of temperatures and long, reliable operation of transmission components.

Viscosity grade SAE:75W-90 API level: GL-4


Transmission oil developed for cars and trucks manual transmissions. It is formulated with high quality synthetic and mineral base oils using high-performance additive package. Provides a wide temperature range of use and trouble-free and durable operation of transmission components.

  • Optimum frictional properties ensure smooth gearshift and work without vibration.
  • It has exceptional low-temperature properties (ensures correct transmission components operation in outside temperatures conditions down to -40C).
  • High thermal stability ensures increased oil drain intervals.
  • High antiwear and anticorrosion properties significantly extend the transmission service life.
  • Compatible with gaskets and seals materials used in modern equipment.