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G-Profi CNG 15W-40

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G-Profi CNG 15W-40 – is a universal all-season motor oil of the highest operational features designed for the mobile vehicle engines working both on liquefied petroleum (propane-butane mixture, LPG), and compressed (methane, CNG) gas. Can be used both in diesel and gasoline engines. This oil is manufactured using quality base oil and a package of additives with low content of sulphated ash, phosphorus, sulphur. Ensures high performance characteristics: protection from oxidizing and oil nitration, scale formation and engine part wear.
Designed for busses, trucks and passenger cars with engines working both on liquefied petroleum (propane, butane, LPG), and compressed (methane, CNG) gas.

Can be used in the machinery with diesel engines, where API CG-4 level oil is required, as well as gasoline engines, where API SJ level oil, or earlier specifications is required.

  • Protection from Scale Formation: Usage of the effective additive package and oxidation resistant base oil makes it possible to minimize the formation of high-temperature deposits and reduce the risk of non-contact ignition of gas. This oil allows to preserve operating capability, cleanliness of engine parts and provides for prolonged and effective operation.
  • Oxidizing and Oil Nitration: Usage of high-thermally stable base oils and high-performance additive package with low content of sulphated ash, phosphorus, sulphur effectively prevents from oxidizing and oil nitration. This allows to increase oil change and equipment maintenance intervals.
  • Wear Protection: Contains high-performance anti-wear additives, which ensure reliable protection of the engine against wear. Reduces the cost of maintenance and engine repair.
  • Universality: This motor oil can be used both in engines using compressed natural gas and diesel and gasoline as a fuel.