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G-Profi MSH 10W-40

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Halbsynthetisches Motorenöl höchster Leistungsklasse für schwerbelastete Dieselmotoren von schweren Lkws, Bussen und Spezialfahrzeugen, darunter auch Geländefahrzeuge von führenden europäischen, amerikanischen, japanischen Technikproduzenten.

Viscosity grade SAE: 10W-40 API level: CH-4/SL Specifications / Approvals: ACEA E7, A3/B4


High performance motor oil formulated with a unique composition of base oils and a specially selected additives combination. It is intended for heavy duty diesel engines of trucks, buses and special vehicles, including the off-highway ones, of the leading European, US and Japanese manufacturers of equipment which are used under severe conditions at high temperatures.

  • Superior viscosity-temperature properties provide minimum oil viscosity loss during operation, reliable lubrication and engine components cooling in a wide range of loads and environmental temperatures.
  • Excellent detergent and neutralization capacity of the oil throughout the operation promotes reliable soot handling
  • Very good wear protection prevents cylinders scuffing
  • Increased oil thermo-oxidative stability increases oil drain intervals.